A Short History 

Başkent Vocational School was established in 1989 to provide vocational education and training, as well as to conduct research and treatment projects in the fields of “ Conservation and Restoration” and “ Tourism Guidance” and it was situated in the premises of the Faculty of Languages and History-Geography. Başkent Vocational School is known as the first academic institution in Turkey that hosts the two-year educational program in the conservation of movable cultural property. However, due to the deficiency in space, Tourism Guidance Program was transferred to the Beypazarı Vocational School of Ankara University, in 1996.

Title of the “ Conservation and Restoration Program” (1989 – 2009)  was renewed as “ Object Conservation Program” in 2009 and the scope of the education and training is made broader, as conservation of paintings and archival material are also included in the syllabus of the vocational school.

In 2007, Başkent Vocational School is moved to the Gümüşdere Campus of Ankara University, and since then  both the training and project activities are being held in these premises.

Object Conservation Program

The content and scope of  training and education in Başkent Vocational School covers the preservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials, as well as objects of art. Conservation approaches include small objects made of inorganic and organic materials, such as stone, ceramic, glass, metal and bone, ivory, wood, leather, paper artifacts. In the meantime, conservation and restoration of immovable archaeological remains such as floor mosaics, wall plasters and paintings are also covered.

Besides theoretical and practical training in conservation, Başkent Vocational School receives objects and collections from state museums and archaeological excavations, as well as private collectioners, and conducts “Conservation Treatments” in the Project Laboratories of the institution that are listed below:

  • -Project Laboratory for Ceramic Objects
  • -Project Laboratory for Metal Objects
  • -Project Laboratory for Porcelain and Glass Objects
  • -Project Laboratory for Archival Materials
  • -Project Laboratory for Paintings
  • -Material Research Laboratory

There are also three laboratories where students receive practical training in the conservation of organic and inorganic materials.