Services Provided by “Object Conservation Program”

Professional activities and services provided by the “Object Conservation Program” of Başkent Vocational School,


  • -Conservation and restoration of movable cultural property at the project laboratories of the vocational  school (unless the object’s condition requires a different approach)
  • -Conservation and restoration of immovable archaeological finds ( i.e, mosaics, wall plasters, wall paintings) at archaeological sites,
  • -Examination, documentation and condition survey of archaeological and ethnographical collections,
  • -Design and planning of  storage areas and exhibits for museum collections.
  • -Design and planning of conservation laboratories for museums and archaeological excavations.
  • -Training of museum professionals, archaeologists and art historians in preventive conservation ( Distant Training Program in Preventive Conservation)
  • -Material analysis of archaeological and historical cultural property including immovable cultural heritage (i.e. stone, pottery, wall plasters in particular)